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Yearbook Fall Sale

Yearbook Open House Sale: $30 for Hard Cover Yearbook
Deadline is Dec 25th. Price is regularly $40.

Order with Mrs. Montgomery in the Art Room during AA, online, or via the ReplayIt app. Online orders can be personalized.

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What is PALS?We are excited to begin a new reading program at WJW!  It is very important that our students read as much as possible so we are providing more opportunities for them to do so.  Each student will be in a group every Wednesday morning for 30 minutes- this is called Extended Learning Time or ELT.  We will be learning to read using the PALS strategy and the students will begin to use the strategy in their other classes in a few weeks.

Click here for information and a video about PALS.

Local School Governance TeamsClick below for information concerning our Local  School Governance Teams and how to participate.

English         Spanish

SLO Testing
Student Learning Objectives (SLO's) are growth measurements that will be assessed for all classes not subject to annual state assessments. For example, Visual Arts, Band, Choir, Agriculture, P.E., etc. These SLO tests will be given as a pre- and post-test at the beginning and end of each of these classes (either 9 weeks or year-long). 

"The primary purpose of SLOs is to improve student performance at the classroom level. An equally important purpose of SLOs is to provide evidence of each teacher's instructional impact on student learning. The SLO process requires teachers to use assessments to measure student growth using two data points (a pre- to a post-assessment)." (From the Georgia Department of Education SLO Operations Manual)