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Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year!Congratulations Mrs. Joy Carnes for being chosen Willie J. Williams Teacher of the Year!
2018-19 SGA Officers
Left to Right:
President David Strange, Vice-President Ashley Almond, Treasuer Carlee Holt, Secretary Chad White Jr. 
Life SkillsThis is one of Mrs. Gibbs' FAVORITE lessons because at the end, it makes the kids want to help their parents when grocery shopping to be sure they have enough meat for their family. Students in Ag-B are currently learning how to determine how much it will cost to feed a family of four when grocery shopping for meat. Students are directed to find out how much it cost per serving and then determine what the total cost would be for that family of four. Once they determine their cost, they also must figure out what primal cut of meat the given retail cut of meat comes from. This not only lets kids understand which area of an animal cost the most, but this also works on their math when determining when to round up numbers and how to use the right amount of change. 
European physical featuresHere students in Mrs. Holland's 6th grade social studies are arranging themselves from South to North based on the European physical feature they are holding.
Metric ConversionMr. Zeigler's students were outside cooperatively practicing metric conversion using chalk drawings.
Fall Choir ConcertWillie J. Williams' Fall Choir Concert will be held at Withers Auditorium on October 3, 2018.

6th Grade will perform at 6:30.

7th Grade will perform at 7:30.

Students should be in their seats 15 minutes prior to performance time.

The Parent PostThe Parent Post is Colquitt County Schools Parent & Family Engagement newsletter. It gives you pertinent information regarding our schools and how we serve you and your students. Click the icon for this month's edition. 

The Yearbook Staff is looking for parents to help us have the best yearbook ever! We can't be everywhere all the time and that is where you come in. Download the ReplayIT app and you can send photos of your child and their friends directly to the yearbook staff to be used in this year's Willie J. Williams Yearbook! You can also order your yearbook from this app.

Local School Governance MeetingOur Local School Governance Team will meet at Willie J. Williams on September 26, 2018 at 10:00 am.
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Local School Governance

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Our 2018 meeting dates are:
September 26
October 24
November 28
February 27
March 27
May 15

All meetings will be held at 10:00 am.

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